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Readers Comments

I love this book. Everyone needs to read this book. It brings back into focus how we should view ourselves and not what society or other influences tell us who we are, but how God sees us.  He made us in his Image, perfect and we are loved. This book is a great reminder of who we are in Christ.   Jenny Marsland has really hit a key area in this book that we need to regularly refocus on. Mirror Image is a great foundation in our Christian walk. I love how the author has used so much scripture passages to build her book on and she had used her own experiences as examples to clarify her points. It is a very easy to read and one I leave next to my Bible to pick up and read daily. Marilyn Jeffery

What an amazing book this is and what insight on the might and power of our God and His intentions that we walk daily in His supernatural power. Each chapter made me eager for the next and to live in the way He intended and sees His desires for me are exactly what His word says. I look at myself differently and have a new boldness to press into all that God has intended for me. Brenda Bell

Possibly the most profound book I have ever read. I just couldn’t put it down. God used this book to help transform the image I had of myself which was egocentric, self- centered and idolizing into what God saw about me which contradicted all of my previous notions and self doubting negative messages that the enemy used to deflect God’s truth. My image of myself was poor and wasn’t what God saw. I saw ugliness and worthlessness whereas God saw never saw that. He sees me as truly worthy of his righteousness and his love for me is unfailing. My self talk is now positive because I know the messages I tell myself reflect what God says about me is found in truth. I now walk alongside him rather than following from behind. I thank Jenny for allowing God to use her to write such a transforming book. I hope others come to realize who they are in Christ – sons and daughters of a loving King. Sarah Popple

This book really helped me to know the importance of seeing myself as one who is made in God’s image. Allowing the enemy to rob us of our true identity and worth by believing the negative images that he portrays to us as, debase us and make us ineffective for God. The book not only looks into how God’s word is able to destroy the wrong images that distort our trust in God’s immense love but also reveals the treasures he has for us. In my case, restoring a right image involves stamping out low self-esteem and low expectations and declaring 'I am bold as a lion' (my name means 'lion-like') so I love the cover picture A truly amazing book. Leonie Henderson

Simply and powerfully written Jenny cuts straight into the heart of our problems and straight into the heart of the answer ...Jesus the best friend we will ever know. Mirror Image is based on the timeless truth that Jesus alone holds the key that is able to unlock our image. Graham Burns

I have suffered from a low self esteem and self doubt for many years. This book has enabled me to see myself as God sees me, to stand upon the promises in his word and be free from the lying accusing voice of satan. As it says in Mirror image, “having God redefine our identity is one of the greatest miracles that he can perform”
Marie Louise Irving

Having read many books before and having studied counseling, I was in an expectation that Mirror image would simply reinforce what I had learned previously. Some of this happened but also much more, as I kept reading I started finding amazing insights that kept jumping out of the pages impacting me. In fact I have marked those pages so that I can go back and savor them until they become part of who I am and the way I think. Jenny clearly is on a journey in “God’s school” and she is passing on to others all the valuable gems of revelation that have become her own experience. Jenny has written clearly easily conveying difficult concepts. I found Mirror Image inspiring enough to order several more copies for my friends. A million thanks for sharing your God journey Jenny! Inkerie Dabson

I loved reading this book; it has helped me to like myself even when things are going on in my life. I am definitely growing into being the lion in all my circumstances. A great read. Narelle Popple

Each chapter is like a facet of a precious jewel reflecting light on the ways the battle our self image is won or lost. The questions at the end of each chapter will be a catalyst for transformation and healing. I warmly recommend this book to you. It will change your life for the better. Reg Owen

Mirror Image reveals the strategies and deceptions that the enemy uses to prevent us discovering our true worth. God’s loving heart is revealed in this book. I find myself drawn back into the book again and again. Maxine Russell

Each Chapter is inspiring and challenging. I found it to be diagnostic to where I am at. I discovered that knowing our identity enables us to overcome life’s difficulties and enables us to rest confidently in every situation. The message in this book spoke straight to my heart. Katie Burgess

This book will change every woman who reads it and any man that is game to read it. Anthony Birrell

I really enjoyed reading Mirror Image. It draws the reader into real life issues that people face and helped me to understand more about who I am in Christ through knowing what God’s word says about us. It is a book of healing and restoration. You feel so much better about yourself after you have finished reading it. Colleen McMullen

Mirror image is a precious bible based book motivated by the Holy Spirit. Mirror image has brought me to the still quiet place in my soul and I now understand more of who I am in Christ. Carole

Mirror Image is a wonderful book. The chapters are short and easy to read but filled with life-changing truths. I liked the brief questions at the end of each chapter. We often base our worth on how we think others perceive us, but are shown in this book that we are absorbing the wrong message. The book helps the reader clear away all the things that stop them from being the person they were designed to be by God.  Jenny invites the reader on an exciting adventure of discovering what life can be like when they are no longer held back by the things of the past. I would recommend this book to anyone. Roby Talion

This book deals at great depth the areas in our lives to be changed by the power of the Holy Spirit and the truth of God's word. Coming into the secret place and in waiting on him we are made whole and our reflections become as that of a lion. I appreciate this book greatly and have recommended Mirror Image to others. The theme is dear to my heart and personal experience.  
Myra Gabhardt

I finally understand what it means to reflect God’s glory. This is a fantastic book. It will change many lives.
Cathy Luca

I often read more than one book at a time or in this case read 'The Shack' in the middle of reading 'Mirror Image'.  I found the two books complimented each other and in some ways 'Mirror Image', for me personally, gave an extra dimension to 'The Shack'.  Both of these books encouraged me to think outside the box and to look at my relationship with God from a deeper and far more personal perspective. Thanks Jenny for taking the time to write the book and I look forward to the next one. Name Withheld

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