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About Us

Insightful Writing is the company my husband and I set up to publish my first book 'Mirror Image'. I became a Christian in my early teen years and have a deep passion to reveal God's love to others. My husband and I spent six years in the Solomon Islands in the mid eighties, trained missionaries cross culturally in the early nineties, and since that time have been working in the market place in Sydney.

Although I have worked as a trained nurse for a number of years, my real passion is to help people understand their true worth as God sees it.

Although I was born in North Sydney I am not a city girl, but am a country girl at heart. I love the Australian bushland and spent much of my childhood in the flat, hot and dusty terrain of inland Dubbo. My parents who have only just retired still live there, along with one of my sisters and her family.

Growing up surrounded with wide open spaces destroyed all images of limitation within my mind. Rather than being hemmed in by my own sense of smallness, the open vastness propelled me to understand that God is big and esteems us beyond our wildest dreams.

Mirror Image scans the journey that our soul takes to achieve a deep and lasting self acceptance.

I am passionate about making something new out of the old, transforming our bad situations into something beautiful.

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